Terms & conditions

  • Members will earn 10 points for every 50 EGP spent in each transaction.

  • In order to collect points, members should present their “Collect & Win” card at the checkout during the purchase to add points.

  • Members can check their points balance at the customer service desk in each store or through our website.

  • Collect & Win” card is for normal regular home purchase. And cannot be used for any wholesale purchase transactions or one item sequential purchases such as cigarettes or mobile credit scratch cards

  •  Points will not be added to the card for purchases from tenants departments.

  •  In case members returned any of the previous purchased items, Spinneys has the right to deduct points from their account and members should present their card during the refund transaction.

  •  For redemption, members have to reach the required number of points announced in the cycle in order to collect their gifts. Spinneys can change the gifts during the cycle, in case the gift is not available and according to market norms.

  •  On redemption, members have to choose any from the available gifts in their point scheme.

  •  On redemption, members have to show their ID, the personal data should match the one registered on Spinneys system.

  •  Points expires after the current cycle ends and it can’t be transferred to the next cycles.

  •  Members can get an extra card or a replacement in case of card loss, paying for the card cost price only, and the balance will be added to the new card.

  •  The card ownership cannot be transferred to any other person and can only be used by the member owning the card.

  • Members must inform Spinneys of any changes in their registered data. Spinneys is not responsible for any loss as a result of outdated data.

  • Spinneys reserves the right to reject or close any accounts in case of violation of the terms and conditions.

  •  The program has a certain duration, starts on Jan 1st, 2020 and ends on July 31st  2020. Spinneys has the right to amend the program period, or cancel it, if needed.

  • Members acknowledges that Spinneys has the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Program without need for any notice or consent.

  • This program can only be used for purchases from Spinneys Egypt stores.

     (Collect points till 30/06/2020)