Terms & conditions

  • Members earn points on each purchase, and the value of the collected points is determined according to the price of each product.

  • In order to collect points, members should scan the bar code shown on their mobile app account at the checkout.

  • Members can check their points’ balance through our website, mobile app, and at the customer service desk in each store.

  • No points collection for any wholesale purchase transactions or one item sequential purchase, such as cigarettes or mobile credit scratch cards.

  • Points will not be added for purchases from tenants departments.

  •  In case of refund, points earned on returned items will be deducted.

  •  On redemption, members have to show their ID. The presented name should match the one registered on Spinneys system. In case the names are unmatched, Spinneys has the right to reject the redemption process.  

  • Each point expires after 3 months from the collection date, unless redeemed.

  • Members are not entitled to transfer their points to other accounts than the registered on the program's system.

  • Members must inform Spinneys of any changes in their registered data. Spinneys is not responsible for any loss of points as a result of outdated data.

  • Spinneys reserves the right to reject or close any accounts in case of violation of the terms and conditions.

  • Members acknowledge that Spinneys has the right to cancel the program or amend the terms and conditions without any notice or consent.